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5evxabob博博体育下载地址d2km2bob博博体育下载地址in4Z  The gard'ner next door o'er the hedge sees the youth:"I'm not such a fool as that, in good truth;My pleasure is ever to cherish each flower,And see that no birds my fruit e'er devour.But when 'tis ripe, your money, good neighbour!'Twas not for nothing I took all this labour!"And such, methinks, are the author-tribe.HmryfX78  ODES.RV9cK

JuSN  A streaky mist, that upward slowly spread,Then bent, as though my form it would enclose,59hKObob博博体育下载地址

avexfbob博博体育下载地址2ztc5bob博博体育下载地址Xb  Son and daughter, theyW6Qo1  Ye by whom the sea-toss'd sailor's lighted,Who with radiant beams the heav'ns adorn,FwKz

eGLX  MANY good works I've done and ended,Ye take the praise--I'm not offended;For in the world, I've always thoughtEach thing its true position hath sought.When praised for foolish deeds am I,I set off laughing heartily;When blamed for doing something good,I take it in an easy mood.If some one stronger gives me hard blows,That it's a jest, I feign to suppose:But if 'tis one that's but my own like,I know the way such folks to strike.When Fortune smiles, I merry grow,And sing in dulci jubilo;When sinks her wheel, and tumbles me o'er,I think 'tis sure to rise once more.7u7hbob博博体育下载地址

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Jasv4  When the pastor heard the praise of the maiden thus utter'dFeelings of hope for his friend forthwith arose in his bosom,And he prepared to ask what had been the fate of the damsel,Whether she, in the sorrowful flight, form'd one of the people?At this moment, however, the druggist nimbly approach'd them,Pull'd the sleeve of the pastor, and whisper'd to him as follows"I have at last pick'd out the maiden from many a hundredBy her description! Pray come and judge for yourself with your own eyes;Bring the magistrate with you, that we may learn the whole story."VRVcbob博博体育下载地址

4rf9fbob博博体育下载地址k1544bob博博体育下载地址qc825  And dances' soft measure,With rapture commingledAnd sweet choral song.glM0DNn  ACT III.Mud1


0mnksbob博博体育下载地址vclc2bob博博体育下载地址gGWl  Ask not too closely, dearest one, I prayn9cBc3t  1771.-----THE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT.Q4nw

SXua  As yet can speak, and well may it beware;qZvFbob博博体育下载地址

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tslt8bob博博体育下载地址bca36bob博博体育下载地址ZXi1  Vainly ye sought the tomb for rest when tired;Peace in the grave may not be yours; ye're driven5Mopudh  I need scarcely add that I have availed myself of thisopportunity to make whatever improvements have suggestedthemselves to me in my original version of these Poems.Lqq

mnAW8  And with spirit's strength,rEJbob博博体育下载地址

eod3nbob博博体育下载地址4f7mmbob博博体育下载地址xfu  One more bumper! Fill the glass;nMeeEIyN  1807?.-----THE LOVING ONE WRITES.3zWD

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NG1E  BOOK OF TIMUR.Ok9abob博博体育下载地址

sqa39bob博博体育下载地址84c8ybob博博体育下载地址XNNI  Free and gay.HGWJmTv  Ah, how I hold it dear!To seek it I would fain repair,IhVV9

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8cdc6bob博博体育下载地址q6bojbob博博体育下载地址SCkK4  Before her breath, as 'neath the spring's soft wind,In its deep wintry cavern melts awayO48UjvkdP  Now of joy, and now of woe!W1I

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2pcs  THE CONTENTED.KLTJbob博博体育下载地址

dwa0vbob博博体育下载地址xntfdbob博博体育下载地址Teuc  And in myself my happiness would find;2zGi4c7e  To echo alonewe

pQr  No, in truth, thou hast not sung it rightly!7cZ5Fbob博博体育下载地址

pl1owbob博博体育下载地址rknehbob博博体育下载地址I1Kg9  Hangs heavier still. Here chaplets are twin'd,6Z6A7  L'ENVOl.oz7N

6Hf  Who never through night's heavy hoursSat weeping on his lonely bed,--RxhRPbob博博体育下载地址

sbsiibob博博体育下载地址eoeabbob博博体育下载地址CG  And without delayQvoQOR13fZ  In truth, a violet fair.Then came a youthful shepherdess,And roam'd with sprightly joyousness,And blithely woo'dyjO

oBW2  And then thou wilt be blessed, like me.I who have made this art mine own,HOLJbob博博体育下载地址

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lhqdwbob博博体育下载地址cv6p0bob博博体育下载地址j  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?4KVch2  And with earnest, noble strife,9VM

3AIG  But oh, Quirites, how one errs!NzUbob博博体育下载地址

e81whbob博博体育下载地址90vd1bob博博体育下载地址ohv  The remembrance of one's LoveBlest Is, if it constant prove.mbjemL46C  And on yonder shore are gather'd standing,Friends and lovers, trembling for the bold one:"Why, alas, remain'd he here not with us!Ah, the tempest! Cast away by fortune!Must the good one perish in this fashion?Might not he perchance.... Ye great immortals!"i7Bs

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wo4j0bob博博体育下载地址zsz7kbob博博体育下载地址mziT  Wakes the strength of former days;For the sweet, destructive flamePierced his marrow and his frame.That which Amor stole beforePhoebus only can restore,Peace, and joy, and harmony,Aspirations pure and free.4VCZK4s  CHORUS.[Gradually becoming louder.]hyR

ZP  LEAVE we the pedants to quarrel and strive,MSjbob博博体育下载地址

3jsjnbob博博体育下载地址em8b2bob博博体育下载地址utFA  This dear soil, a sun like this,--Lures the best of women too.And the Muses' breathings blestRouse the maiden's gentle breast,Tune the throat to minstrelsy,And with cheeks of beauteous dye,Bid it sing a worthy song,Sit the sister-band among;And their strains grow softer still,As they vie with earnest will.BQhHne  THE Gesellige Lieder, which I have angicisled as above, asseveral of them cannot be called convivial songs, are separatedby Goethe from his other songs, and I have adhered to the samearrangement. The Ergo bibamus is a well-known drinking song inGermany, where it enjoys vast popularity.4uPV

oCof  So the wife of Asan turns to meet him,Clasps her arms in anguish round her brother:"See thy sister's sad disgrace, oh brother!How I'm banish'd--mother of five children!"Silently her brother from his wallet,Wrapp'd in deep red-silk, and ready written,Draweth forth the letter of divorcement,To return home to her mother's dwelling,Free to be another's wife thenceforward.5fo0bob博博体育下载地址

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kg7fqbob博博体育下载地址x48m2bob博博体育下载地址e2D  Ere the net is noticed by us,Is a happier one imprison'd,Whom we, one and all, togetherGreet with envy and with blessings.L6QNTzSj  Or 'neath a marble tomb.Remember, ye who live,SUt

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jgc1qbob博博体育下载地址p52n7bob博博体育下载地址eCcE  Of the ravens comes back;I mingle amongst them,6M0Ej3b  "Oh, thou love," methought, "I see that slumber,Slumber that betrayeth each false feature,Cannot injure thee, can nought discoverThat could serve to harm thy friend's soft feelings.RyWo

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ucdlsbob博博体育下载地址6j7p3bob博博体育下载地址VndYS  Freeborn breath thy gentle laysp2fOLKXAp  God upon His throne then to proclaim,Him, the life-fount's mighty Lord, to name,Worthily to prize that glorious sight,And to wander on beneath His light.Z5AVH

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p0am5bob博博体育下载地址qa0ombob博博体育下载地址8cC  Eve near him,--she, too, fell asleep.There lay they now, on earth's fair shrine,God's two most beauteous thoughts divine.--When this He saw, He cried:--'Tis Good!!!And scarce could move from where He stood.VOVxUE  Soon I saw a light afar,TG

cLTy  And the fairest under heaven.ryk2Hbob博博体育下载地址

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uA2rY  The principles which have guided me on the present occasion arethe same as those followed in the translation of Schiller'scomplete Poems that was published by me in 1851, namely, asliteral a rendering of the original as is consistent with goodEnglish, and also a very strict adherence to the metre of theoriginal. Although translators usually allow themselves greatlicense in both these points, it appears to me that by so doingthey of necessity destroy the very soul of the work they professto translate. In fact, it is not a translation, but a paraphrasethat they give. It may perhaps be thought that the presenttranslations go almost to the other extreme, and that a renderingof metre, line for line, and word for word, makes it impossibleto preserve the poetry of the original both in substance and insound. But experience has convinced me that it is not so, andthat great fidelity is even the most essential element ofsuccess, whether in translating poetry or prose. It was thereforevery satisfactory to me to find that the principle laid down byme to myself in translating Schiller met with the very general,if not universal, approval of the reader. At the same time, Ihave endeavoured to profit in the case of this, the younger bornof the two attempts made by me to transplant the muse of Germanyto the shores of Britain, by the criticisms, whether friendly orhostile, that have been evoked or provoked by the appearance ofits elder brother.QxaVbob博博体育下载地址

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0cLL  Loves still my heart that dream of olden days?Oh, come then! and in pristine force appear,bGvzHbob博博体育下载地址

1lo1ybob博博体育下载地址jhyawbob博博体育下载地址4rB  Fetter'd by a strange, deceitful oath.AQfbK9k  Perfecting that as a god, which thou didst fail in, as man.uYly

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M9c  Art going!With joyous mien thy waters now4Bbob博博体育下载地址

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qaj41bob博博体育下载地址7e9wfbob博博体育下载地址S6SX  Farewell, thou who with me dost proveNFIPYtLi  When the question I would ask:'Twas in such a beauteous season,NXxz

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x0Xg  But their wonder soon see cause to smother;qZ4Wrbob博博体育下载地址

au5xwbob博博体育下载地址p8xihbob博博体育下载地址hmq  He who found thee one fair morn in Spring8m2bqS  With many a varied sweetmeat's form supplied;J1cY

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4ubtqbob博博体育下载地址imb8mbob博博体育下载地址KClLY  Am I doom'd myself to seeThus degraded evermore?vjSbBrlOh  MY heart is sad,Uyz

4LQB  And every breath I breath'd for thee.The roseate hues that spring suppliesVNbob博博体育下载地址

y97txbob博博体育下载地址t9whhbob博博体育下载地址YfkQ  The women sorrow sore.The maidens far, far more.The living are no virgins more;Thus Tilly's troops make war!-----s3a5BJ  A little, little boy, yon churchyard past,To Father Vicar's house; the stars on highJEh

ZaT6R  Oppress thee?"Flow on!"--thus she'll, with smiling look,VMyqbob博博体育下载地址

327axbob博博体育下载地址s9ph8bob博博体育下载地址5xt5  Do whate'er by me is bid;neXnpMk9  I. The Pariah's Prayer.II. LegendIII. The Pariah's ThanksDeath--lament of the noble Wife of Asan AgaYP0

y0  Life's plan with deep-felt meaning it design'd,Fruitful alike in counsel and in deed!This have we proved, this tasted, in our need.Mjobob博博体育下载地址

3bs4ubob博博体育下载地址8c7abbob博博体育下载地址xD8  Tell him, but in accents coy,gQ4eiH6V0D  And step by step my faithful ardour bless'd,For the last kiss herself entreated me,y6d

SmFt4  Then came Sir Breath (long known as fitPCtYbob博博体育下载地址

kybhhbob博博体育下载地址y1gk9bob博博体育下载地址w2kd  1782.-----OmUwqdgKY3  And not bestowed one thought upon her."06OTu

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oe1mebob博博体育下载地址p4e4cbob博博体育下载地址OLYY  Through our father's oath:OMm2Mm  Of selfishness sing and treacherous lies,JAtB

Dxk  -----May the bard these numbers praise,That are sung his fame to raise.-----6A5bob博博体育下载地址

dxdvsbob博博体育下载地址yuvwvbob博博体育下载地址gOwRM  The sun's bright rays are thrown;The swallow's self is cheating:The swallow's self is cheating,uJ6PVyl  BALLADS.MignonThe MinstrelBallad of the banished and returning CountThe VioletThe Faithless BoyThe Erl-KingJohanna SebusThe FishermanThe King of ThuleThe Beauteous Flower..Sir Curt's Wedding JourneyWedding SongThe Treasure-diggerThe Rat-catcherThe SpinnerBefore a Court of JusticeThe Page and the Miller's DaughterThe Youth and the MillstreamThe Maid of the Mill's TreacheryThe Maid of the Mill's RepentanceThe Traveller and the Farm-MaidenEffects at a distanceThe Walking BellFaithful EckartThe Dance of DeathThe Pupil in MagicThe Bride of CorinthThe God and the BayaderemSJ6

eDu  Ravished by her splendour.Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud red,5bob博博体育下载地址

w6jydbob博博体育下载地址rm5yxbob博博体育下载地址aPtwK  Yet in the woodEMmgFlO  And hurl them in the gulf below.d

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4d2wqbob博博体育下载地址6bkb5bob博博体育下载地址7nQ6  The band of the Sorceress sisters.They hitherward speed, and on finding us here,They'll drink, though with toil we have fetch'd it, the beer,Xdn5P078d  (* This ballad is also introduced in Faust, where it is sung byMargaret.)MEoP

OmQ  Ye force me to leave.Unkind is the zephyr,--lN2rbbob博博体育下载地址

netq0bob博博体育下载地址bfkw1bob博博体育下载地址MYG  Whom we for ages know.Amid the smoke shall gleam the flame;EWKRCcnN  So fulfil my pleasure, sir!fEKP

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5jyf7bob博博体育下载地址2xkxlbob博博体育下载地址E5YO3  In the wood where thou thy flight didst wing.Fly, dearest, fly! He is not nigh!Never rests the foot of evil spy.FRhKT  Thus spake the father. The son exclaim'd with jubilant gesture"Ere the ev'ning arrives, you shall have the dearest of daughters,Such as the man desires whose bosom is govern'd by prudenceAnd I venture to think the good creature is fortunate also.Yes, she will ever be grateful that I her father and motherHave restored her in you, as sensible children would wish it.But I will loiter no longer; I'll straightway harness the horses,And conduct our friends on the traces of her whom I love so,Leave the men to themselves and their own intuitive wisdom,And be guided alone by their decision--I swear it,--And not see the maiden again, until she my own is."Then he left the house; meanwhile the others were eagerlySettling many a point, and the weighty matter debating.BZWJ

MPypB  Serving friend and mourner too!There, where lofty ramparts glow,m6Ppbob博博体育下载地址

8sp0ebob博博体育下载地址5xgfzbob博博体育下载地址H2  Yet he, like a man, stands by his rudder;With the bark are sporting wind and water,Wind and water sport not with his bosom:On the fierce deep looks he, as a master,--In his gods, or shipwreck'd, or safe landed,Trusting ever.nwYDLTn  That my lips can utter ne'er;Fain I'd be a man to-day,oLk

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cs3v9bob博博体育下载地址uxf4jbob博博体育下载地址apI  1775.*-----RESTLESS LOVE.WLDADhl  THE stones in the streamlet I make my bright pillow,And open my arms to the swift-rolling billow,AjfX

qsYqP  No longer the goblet she placespOZabob博博体育下载地址

70tv5bob博博体育下载地址rns1bbob博博体育下载地址uaJ  I'll soon return, and all will be straight.soFhPtHX  So, by the harsh decree of Fate,rffyk

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40tjqbob博博体育下载地址xee3kbob博博体育下载地址IsrM  Far too soon of the bliss pure contemplation affords.Mighty, indeed, are these figures! these limbs, how gracefully rounded!afGRVcCS4  But the cerements stand in their way;And as modesty cannot avail them aught here,They shake themselves all, and the shrouds soon appearTZ

Ecid  1807?.-----THE MAIDEN SPEAKS.eytbob博博体育下载地址

353xrbob博博体育下载地址3he8cbob博博体育下载地址9g  1809.-----THE FISHERMAN.2R562v  And the hand, so true and warm,dv69v

fxqy  Must a world its treasures give;0JEgbob博博体育下载地址

o628rbob博博体育下载地址yp5hgbob博博体育下载地址foAa  In a garland for him I oft twin'd:How sweet have they ever appear'd,Eh89tycO  Little elves of wondrous might!Whether good or evil they,yRR5

4WNm  But the excellent maiden, by words of such irony wounded,(As she esteem'd them to be) and deeply distress'd in her spirit,Stood, while a passing flush from her cheeks as far as her neck wasSpreading, but she restrain'd herself, and collected her thoughts soon;Then to the old man she said, not fully concealing her sorrow"Truly I was not prepared by your son for such a reception,When he described his father's nature,--that excellent burgher,And I know I am standing before you, a person of culture,Who behaves himself wisely to all, in a suitable manner.But it would seem that you feel not pity enough for the poor thingWho has just cross'd your threshold, prepared to enter your serviceElse you would not seek to point out, with ridicule bitter,How far removed my lot from your son's and that of yourself is.True, with a little bundle, and poor, I have enter'd your dwelling,Which it is the owner's delight to furnish with all things.But I know myself well, and feel the whole situation.Is it generous thus to greet me with language so jeering,Which was well nigh expelled me the house, when just on the threshold?"r4SVbob博博体育下载地址

6c7qlbob博博体育下载地址neqr8bob博博体育下载地址7YD  1796.-----HERMANN AND DOROTHEA.QIXuNx  (Finis.)-----FROM IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS.JeD

Au  Then on Dorothea they sprang, and greeted her warmly,Asking for bread and fruit, but asking for drink before all things.And they handed the water all round. The children first drank some,Then the sick woman drank, with her daughters, the magistrate also.All were refresh'd, and sounded the praise of the excellent water;Mineral was it, and very reviving, and wholesome for drinking.41zbob博博体育下载地址

1l4u8bob博博体育下载地址lofqnbob博博体育下载地址wPyf  1819.*-----IX. SAKE NAME.bEVK0iWq  So high above me placed thou seem'st to stand;jSoG

OGa3e  For he another's prey bath been.s77bob博博体育下载地址

h5ja3bob博博体育下载地址1yiw6bob博博体育下载地址UU  Then continued the host, with thoughts full of manhood and wisdom"Oft have I greeted with wonder the rolling flood of the Rhine stream,When, on my business trav'lling, I've once more come to its borders.Grand has it ever appear'd, exalting my feelings and senses;But I could never imagine that soon its beautiful marginInto a wall would be turn'd, to keep the French from our country,And its wide-spreading bed a ditch to hinder and check them.So by Nature we're guarded, we're guarded by valorous Germans,And by the Lord we're guarded; who then would foolishly tremble?Weary the combatants are, and all things indicate peace soon;And when at length the long-expected festival's holdenHere in our church, and the bells chime in with the organ in chorus,And the trumpets are blowing, the noble Te Deum upraising,Then on that selfsame day I fain would see, my good pastor,Our dear Hermann kneel with his bride at the altar before you,And the glad festival held through the length and breadth of the countryWill henceforward to me be a glad anniversary also!But I am grieved to observe that the youth, who is always so activeWhen he is here at home, abroad is so slow and so timid.Little at any time cares he to mix with the rest of the people;Yes, he even avoids young maidens' society ever,And the frolicsome dance, that great delight of young people."6uiOmj  THE BURGHERS.QbQe

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pt8mabob博博体育下载地址kze0hbob博博体育下载地址g29  Remember then: ERGO BIBAMUS!In truth 'tis an old, 'tis an excellent word,With its sound so befitting each bosom is stirr'd,And an echo the festal hall filling is heard,PdUc5cNxoB  'S tormented.But doth the miller's daughter fairGaze often on thee kindly there?3Q65

pvX  And my eyesight grew dim, seeming obscured by a film,Soon I felt thy bosom on mine! Mine arm was soon twiningJQqbob博博体育下载地址

crt6cbob博博体育下载地址rhrxybob博博体育下载地址xuN  Kindly welcomed me,--And I was gallant.1RvFzxJ9  So high above me placed thou seem'st to stand;p4H

rpX7  These thoughts I vainly struggle to dismiss:UILbob博博体育下载地址

44te5bob博博体育下载地址m5uusbob博博体育下载地址rmkgZ  "Take, I entreat thee, some fruit out of the garden, my friendTake the ripest oranges, figs of the whitest; the oceanY4PMxsnSb  Say, mine eye, why sink'st thou down?Golden visions, are ye flown?fqI

YXVv  [Goethe says of this ode, that it is the only one remaining outof several strange hymns and dithyrambs composed by him at aperiod of great unhappiness, when the love-affair between him andFrederica had been broken off by him. He used to sing them whilewandering wildly about the country. This particular one wascaused by his being caught in a tremendous storm on one of theseoccasions. He calls it a half-crazy piece (halkunsinn), and thereader will probably agree with him.]QRFbob博博体育下载地址

q9cplbob博博体育下载地址czbgqbob博博体育下载地址ESLC  To breathe forth all my sweetness.RjVTVL  Now in the shade abide.Yet what can make the Count's heart glowIs no mere pomp of outward show;WWRnq

CAl  Let me taste those days so sweet,bdbob博博体育下载地址

ji82ebob博博体育下载地址ajmr7bob博博体育下载地址HIZC  -----Now, gentle reader, is our journey ended,BxHgdaYM  This may be wafted o'er to thee alone.LVH

ewvOX  The women and children are borne to the ground;4ak5ebob博博体育下载地址

am2uqbob博博体育下载地址x6mhrbob博博体育下载地址pO  And I daily am more blest.wzHS3K94J  Fit the ravish'd ear to greet,Eloquently, softly speaking.Fpd

Ozm  As I stray alone.xE4bob博博体育下载地址

4yq7ebob博博体育下载地址2934gbob博博体育下载地址ne2aA  No one now asks; and limbs with vigour fired,The hand, the foot--their use in life is ended.xEhEOD  When the wheels were rattling,Wheel on wheel tow'rd the goal,High aroseThe sound of the lashOf youths with victory glowing,In the dust rolling,As from the mountain fallShowers of stones in the vale--Then thy soul was brightly glowing, Pindar--Glowing? Poor heart!AGWW

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jdpi6bob博博体育下载地址tig60bob博博体育下载地址qJK  Who equall'd art by none,In mercy view mine ecstasy!TXkFozLg  As a man of mortal birth,--3E02Z

w29L  IF thou to be a slave shouldst will,Thou'lt get no pity, but fare ill;And if a master thou wouldst be,The world will view it angrily;And if in statu quo thou stay,That thou art but a fool, they'll say.Z89bob博博体育下载地址

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Aum  Ah, one single blissful night!"The priests chaunt in chorus: "We bear out the old,When long they've been weary, and late they've grown cold:We bear out the young, too, so thoughtless and light.jPFbob博博体育下载地址

51pmybob博博体育下载地址tfyn9bob博博体育下载地址HbE  Thus I wrote, and with my blood.LfKqDG1  BUSH and vale thou fill'st againk7N

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5jy8fbob博博体育下载地址gsyupbob博博体育下载地址TB  I pine in silent sadness;I've thrown away my only true blissGBfzRYQPw  The largest rooms were prepared;As if from those times so preciousO6uXu

ESr8p  ANGELS.[Hovering in the higher regions of air, and hearing the immortalpart of Faust.]AcBnhbob博博体育下载地址

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FFXP  With that unchanging, ever-youthful glow,--That courage which overcomes, in hard-fought fight,U7Rbob博博体育下载地址

Z0aP  1810.-----ERGO BIBAMUS!JfVY

Dc4jZ  May he who refuses her story to tell,vzHZbob博博体育下载地址

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3BE7  The good we still as good shall find.NswWbob博博体育下载地址

TNK9L  Wake the mournful ghosts of men,I, too, wake, and each night-bird.FslcJbob博博体育下载地址

hzdoubob博博体育下载地址6k834bob博博体育下载地址uNT  The seasons come again.rT0zcqh  They tear themselves asunder at last,9iPO

1.MtAy  THE festal day hail yelDsubob博博体育下载地址

2.0ql  Fill ev'ry breast!Oh earth!--oh sunlight!85q1

3.00ig0bob博博体育下载地址7r1p7bob博博体育下载地址hjU  While yet a childAnd ignorant of life,I turned my wandering gazeUp tow'rd the sun, as if with himThere were an ear to hear my wailings,A heart, like mine,To feel compassion for distress.RFd76AwLn  Let us in a cunning wise,Yon dull Christian priests surpriseWith the devil of their talkHW6xo

4.7yiovbob博博体育下载地址saykkbob博博体育下载地址NKE6b  IN ev'ry hour of joyLh66vU9bIG  High uphold the golden apples sweet;Trees of life, their spreading shadows throwing,VC2Z0


tmhrfbob博博体育下载地址bi6kpbob博博体育下载地址Z5bvt  I fain would be there!ogsI58nh  1815.*-----THE YELPERS.obI


k1  How our parting saddens me!M4er4bob博博体育下载地址


rY3A  Away, then! away!F7bob博博体育下载地址


kfbvr  My bosom yearnsj7sbob博博体育下载地址


LYTx  His cities o'er he told,And to his heir left all things,0JNbbob博博体育下载地址

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